05 Jun 2020 15:30

SINGHA FOOD x EVENTPOP ONLINE EXPERIENCE presents Cooking Brisket Burgers with Taiki

The viral burger that shook Bangkok's burger scene created by Taiki Rattanapong Tsubota, he taught his first online cooking class as an online experience that also aired live on Singha Life's Facebook page on May 24th, 2020.

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Taiki invited everyone to open their kitchens to make Bun Meat & Cheese and The Pit Master "Special BBQ Brisket Burger" which is a joint menu between the stores. All participants were sent DIY cooking sets with all the raw material or if you didn't want to cook there were ready to eat sets as well. This online experience allowed participants to learn to cook with science and all the important fundamentals in making this signature burger.

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