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Become the Best Version of Yourself - Mastermind with David Passiak, Founder of Flow Coach

07 Aug 2021 09:00 - 08 Aug 2021 18:00
Bangkok Shambhala Meditation Center @ Young Place, floor 3 suite # 118/79.
Close to Sukhhumvit MRT and Asok BTS. Soi Sukhumvit 23. Under the big sign for Young Place, we are in the green-painted building immediately to the left. Go up the stairs to the lobby and turn left to find the elevator. Hit the button for the 3rd floor.
Bangkok, Thailand
Become the Best Version of Yourself - Mastermind with David Passiak, Founder of Flow Coach
- What kind of life do you want?
- What impact will you have on the world?
- What is your unique purpose?
- How will you achieve it?
- Why are you the right person to do this work?

Join us to answer these questions in this two-day Mastermind.


50% or more of our memories are false. Our minds fill in the blanks to create stories. 

And because our minds are designed to protect us, we often place greater importance on negative experiences. That results in false beliefs, anxiety, and fear.

Most people project this limited view of the self into the future. They vastly underestimate their potential to do more with their life. They avoid risks and play it safe. They deny who they really are and spend their whole lives never knowing their real potential.

Becoming the best version of yourself is about breaking through the false beliefs and attachments that hold you back. It’s about tapping into the power of your subconscious, unlocking the real you hidden inside, and manifesting a clear vision of the life you deserve.

David is one of the world's leading experts on flow, empathy, and innovation who has spent the last 12 years traveling and doing workshops in over 50 countries. 

A former religion scholar who did Ph.D. studies at Princeton, the BBC described him as " applying time-tested traditions learned through religious and cultural studies to build powerful movements and online communities around brands and startups.” 

Founder and Chief Empathy Officer of Flow Coach, founder of Empathy Flow Conference, and author of four books: Empower, Disruption Revolution, Flow of Innovation, and Red Bull to Buddha. 


Conventional approaches to meditation and visualization practices focus on stress relief, compassion, and letting go of attachments. 

We can combine these techniques with principles of innovation like design thinking, mind mapping, journaling, mirroring and reflection to achieve powerful results. 

You will learn a process to tap into the power of our subconscious mind, access your deepest ideas and intentions. Then get these onto paper, where you can refine and communicate them in simple clear language -  all with templates, worksheets, and frameworks to guide you. 

You will be amazed by the powerful ideas, abilities, and potential hidden inside of you. 

This is a two-day event limited to 15 people. Everyone will have plenty of time to ask questions and get personal attention. This will be a small intimate group. Join us on a journey together.


- How to let go of things that hold you back
- How to reclaim superpowers hidden by shame and guilt of trauma and past failures
- How to have a clear vision of who you want to be 
- How to tap into the power of your subconscious mind 

Day 1 designed to let go of attachments and open your life to the possibilities of an abundant, creative, hopeful future. 

The morning session will focus on the past self. You will learn powerful visualization practices to reframe your relationship with trauma and failure. How to heal and let go of shame and guilt by reclaiming your power to overcome hardship and persevere.

The afternoon session you will learn how to develop a Life Compass. When the world is constantly changing, your life compass is designed to point you in the right direction. How to identify who you want to be, the qualities you aspire to manifest in your life.

We end with a powerful Circle of Life meditation that integrates the past, present and future and empowers you to become the best version of yourself. 


- How to identify the problem you are born to solve
- How to communicate your purpose in simple clear language
- How to unleash your creativity, innovation, and vision
- How to create your unique story and personal brand

Day 2 is designed for entrepreneurs and professionals who struggle to communicate their vision in clear simple language. And for those who want a career or job doing what they love. 

We have been taught to delegate responsibilities. Often times, people want to outsource or hire someone to tell our stories, but the harsh truth is that you can’t outsource who you are.

You are the best person to tell your story - you just need the right tools and process to tap into your subconscious mind and communicate your purpose. 

At the end of Day 2 you will create your own Purpose CV:

- The problems and pain points you are uniquely qualified to solve
- The solutions and impact you can provide to your customers or employer
- The unique qualifications that make you the best person or business for this role
- The epiphany story, or a-ha moment where you realized this was your life purpose

There is tremendous power and satisfaction getting these answers on one sheet of paper. This creates the foundation for your personal brand. Learn skills related to storytelling, design thinking, mind mapping, mirroring and reflection that can be used for the rest of your life.


ThIs Mastermind is based on active learning - a scientifically proven better way to accelerate learnings and insights

75% of the time you will be actively engaged in guided practices, workshop activities, breakout groups and 1:1 pairings. 

The rest will provide foundational knowledge of key concepts in the science of flow, attachment, personality, storytelling, impact, and entrepreneurship.


- Powerful visualization and meditation techniques
- Purposeful journaling and mind mapping practices
- Future Life Compass and Flow Life Design
- Templates, workshops, and process to guide you
- Foundational knowledge to apply these tools in your daily life


This will be a small intimate group to ensure everyone can have enough time to answer questions and get detailed feedback.

As a bonus, each participant will receive:

- 1:1 virtual coaching session with David Passiak (value 15,000 THB)
- Access to the online version of this Mastermind coming in June (value 20,000 THB)
- Digital copies of all four of David’s books (value 2,000 THB)
- Access to Empathy Flow Membership, including 15 hours of video trainings (value 3,000 THB)
-->Total bonuses value 35,000 THB

All for 5,000 THB

We reduced the price of the Mastermind due to the current economic situation. Join us for this rare opportunity and invest in yourself and your future.

Don’t miss out!


David is Founder and Chief Empathy Officer of Flow Coach, founder of Empathy Flow Conference, and author of four books including Empower, Disruption Revolution, Flow of Innovation, and Red Bull to Buddha. 

David did Ph.D. research in religion at Princeton, where he studied comparative mysticism, Great Awakenings, and how to build global movements that transform the world. He left academia and became one of the world’s leading experts in innovation, empathy, and flow. 

David has interviewed many of the world’s leading innovators including Adam Grant, Seth Godin, Alex Osterwalder, Rita McGrath, and James Altucher. The BBC said “David Passiak is applying time-tested traditions learned through religious and cultural studies to build powerful movements and online communities around brands and startups.” 

David traveled and spoke in over 50 countries before settling in Thailand. After overcoming a debilitating illness where he was bedridden for three months and lost 20 kg, David founded Flow Coach to share his work with a wider audience. 

He has had a meditation practice since 1994 including long-term retreats in India and Burma. 
This is the first time teaching this Mastermind in Thailand. 

We look forward to seeing you April 10-11. 

Spots are limited. Please book in advance to secure your seat!
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